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    D&D 3.5 For everyone


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    D&D 3.5 For everyone

    Post by Thebester5 on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:17 am

    Yes this is Dungeons and Dragons!!! This here is 3.5, not 4!!! I have the guide for this. The game shall begin on 3/01/12. Before then, I will be taking registration. Each part of the game will be detailed in depth. Each part will last 1 day. Be sure to be here every day to check in. Anything can happen, and I may update it as soon as I have seen your comment. Here is the forum that you must make to be in the game.

    I didn't create this forum.
    Age:(All non-humans live longer, except Half-Orcs)
    Sex: Hehe sex!!! lol!
    Looks:(however technical you want to get)
    Race:Human(extra feat/skill),Dwarf(+2 Con,-2 Cha), Elf(+2 Dex,-2 Con), Gnome(+2 Con,-2 Str),Half-Elf,Half-Orc(+2 Str,-2 Int,-2 Cha), Halfling(+2 Dex,-2 Str)

    Class:(Fighter,Rouge,Wizard,Cleric, or pick one from book, see below)
    Level:You start at 1!!
    Level Equivalency:2(for level adjustment +1 characters)

    Attribute Bonuses:(see below)
    all start at 8,25 points(just do 15-18=1 for experienced players, it's pretty balanced)

    Saves:Fortitude(Con),Reflex(Dex),Will(Wis) (see below)
    Hit points:10(Fighter)8(Cleric)6(Rogue)4(Wizard)+Con Bonus
    Attack:(Base Attack Bonus+Str Bonus(Dex bonus for ranged, see below)
    Damage:(based on weapon + Str bonus 2-handed x 1.5 Str Bonus, see below)
    Armor Class(AC):10+Dex Bonus+Armor+Misc(see below)
    Feats:(see below)
    Skills:(see below)
    Equipment:300 gp and Adventurer's Kit(with everything you need like bedrolls and rations and so on) (see below)

    I have the player's guide. If any one wants it just add this at the bottom of the forum:
    WantPlayerGuide == True

    So get going!!!

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    Re: D&D 3.5 For everyone

    Post by Iceyfeet1234 on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:19 am

    Kinda confusing....

    bye for now,

    ~ Iceyfeet1234

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    Re: D&D 3.5 For everyone

    Post by Cahillguy on Tue Feb 21, 2012 3:10 am

    It is a bit confusing, and I would probably just play Skyrim if I wanted an RPG lol.

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    Re: D&D 3.5 For everyone

    Post by Slider568 on Mon Feb 27, 2012 7:22 pm

    This is a bit confusing...

    -Slider ACP Head General

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    Re: D&D 3.5 For everyone

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