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    Club Penguin Warfare Official Rules

    ATM 23
    ATM 23

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    Club Penguin Warfare Official Rules

    Post by ATM 23 on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:07 am

    The following were passed by major army leaders, medium army leaders, small army leaders, respected members of Club Penguin Warfare, and Club Penguin League Of Nations officials present at the Club Penguin League Of Nations meeting held on May 13, 2011.

    -24 Hour Notice Rule: An army must give the enemy 24 hours notice for an invasion to be considered legitimate. This also means if you lose a server, you can’t just retake it after the enemy leaves – you must re-schedule with 24 hours notice again.

    -No Time Limit To Battles: There is no time limit to a battle on Club Penguin between armies. The battle can go on for as long as it has to. If a time limit is needed, the armies involved have to work with each other to make one.

    -Klondike Belongs To The ACP and CPUN: As it has been for years, Klondike will remain with the Club Penguin United Nations under their care. As it belongs to the CPUN, it is also under ACP control.

    -No Claiming Rooms: The five room rule was decided to be ejected out of the official rules and laws of Club Penguin Warfare. When invading a server, if the opponent or owner of the server does not show up aafter ten minutes of the scheduled time, the invader automatically gets the server. If the opponent does arrive, the army has to successfully battle the army to officially win the server.\

    -No 2-Server Rule: The 2-server rule was ejected. You do not have to own a certain amount of servers to invade or declare war on another army.

    -Max Of Armies Sharing A Server: At all times, one army owns a server. The only times the server can be shared is when they other army(s) sharing the server are allies, or they are in an alliance.

    -Spying Is ALWAYS Legal: Spying in Club Penguin Warfare is a type of tactic. There is no law or rule that says an army can’t spy on the opponent. Armies cannot call no spying in a battle or war for it will be illegal. Armies can spy whenever they want.

    -*15 Server Max To All Armies: All armies have a maximum of owning fifteen servers each. Any more servers will be invalid and will not count to ther army’s official nation.

    *This rule has been broken by many armies, making it invalid and no longer a rule.

    Club Penguin League Of Nations -

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